Free Book! Low Progesterone got you down?

ProgessenceI just downloaded this FREE Kindle book, Progesterone the Ultimate Women’s Feel Good Hormone, by Dan Purser MD. I saw it this past weekend at a Young Living Essential Oils Event and was tempted to buy it but bought some other stuff instead.

I have had Progesterone problems for more than ten years. I had painful ovulation, massive migraines, moody, irregular periods, infertility, and problems sleeping. There is a balance between progesterone and estrogen at different times in the cycle. If progesterone gets too low then the estrogen is relatively high. This resulted in estrogen dominant type symptoms. You can do things to decrease the estrogen like decrease soy intake, exercise, eat more veggies that aide in metabolizing estrogen like broccoli. Or you can increase progesterone to improve the balance between the two. I found it more effective to increase the progesterone. But it took years to get to where I am today. And if I had only known how to do this at the beginning I would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration! I am sooo glad I found a solution!

I was being treated for low progesterone and infertility with Clomid. That only kept my progesterone up temporarily and did not result in getting pregnant. Later I started on bio-identical progesterone which made me feel a lot better. Most of my symptoms improved or disappeared. But after a few years of this it was getting pretty expensive. I tried the over the counter creams for another couple of years and it worked pretty good. But I am very sensitive to chemicals in beauty products and was getting a rash every time I used the cream. I decided to find another way. I was already a member of Young Living Essential Oils and found that they also had a product that contained progesterone called Progessenceâ„¢ Plus serum. I started to use it and have been getting the same results as the cream! And what’s really nice that it is cheaper!

If you want more information on my story or you want to try it, just let me know! Have a fabulous day!


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