Feel like YOURSELF AGAIN with Young Living Essential Oils!!!

I just watched this video and I have to say that it says exactly what I have been feeling lately. I am on this daily HIGH ON LIFE feeling that seems to have come from no where! I have been unusually happy and fulfilled and I want everyone around me to feel the same. I have made some changes in my life in this past 6 months. One I have changed from a full time position to a per diem position. I don’t think this has contributed much to this euphoria that I have been feeling. I have to work weekends now and I don’t have any guaranteed shifts which this week has been absolutely no hours. I would normally be feeling significantly stressed because of this. But I know that if things don’t pick up this week I can just put in a few applications to get on more hospital call lists. A little bump in the road.

Here is what I think is happening. I have been using these oils from Young Living. I started out with just the Starter Kit. It even took me a couple months to try out all the oils. I warmed up slowly. I originally started with the Thieves oil for my sinus infections. No sickies or doctor visits since starting. Then I used Lavender to relax and sleep. No more melatonin needed. Frankincense daily on a mole I have had since the teen years that is barely visible now. Peppermint for a headache and to clear my sinuses (and as a side benefit it improves my pre-teen’s mood when cranky!). No more Tylenol for me! Valor for my back pain and decreased my husband’s snoring by at least 90%. We have slept in the same room every night since starting. I used Purification on my bug bites. No more steroid creams. And one of my favorite oils in Joy. The first time I put it on I SMILED ALL DAY!

Since then I have bought several more. I am SO EXCITED about these oils that I am probably annoying all my friends. But I feel so great I don’t really care, LOL! I may make my own videos some day but I am a bit camera shy. I think that is coming soon though!!! So watch this video and tell me what you think.

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