Have I said yet how much I love Montessori?

I am crazy about Montessori! My son started at a Montessori school in 5th grade. We had to have an alternative to our local school as he was very stressed at school and all that comes with intense levels of stress. I won’t go into details but we had to find a positive alternative. And we found it in Montessori. We are very lucky to have a great school near us that is reasonably priced. In the video this child is only four years old! Self directed learning is fabulous for raising kids who are confident and never bored. Our son is definitely happy now but he is not what I would call a self directed child. He is better after two years but by no means is he like the kids who went to the school from the beginning. He starts middle school next year and he will have new expectations that will be out of his comfort zone. But that is what he needs. And I am so glad he has such support at this school. I have heard from multiple staff that are not even his teachers, how much they love him and love talking to him. Now what mother wouldn’t want to hear that! When I drop him off at school each day I know he is surrounded by adults who love and support him as a person and not just counting bodies in a seat each day. He feels safe for the first time and his mind is now open to learning instead of having anxiety. At his old school my son was a straight A student. He is well behaved and followed the rules. With the exception of one teacher he had twice (K and 2nd), the rest of his teachers did not make any impression on him at all. The last one was a big bully and called him a cry baby in the class. The nicest thing she ever said was during a teacher conference when she told me “He never causes any problems.” Would you believe that was the extent of her critical analysis of my son’s learning progress? I asked if she had anything to add about his academics and she just said he gets A’s. In Montessori the teacher is a guide. The learning is mostly self directed with only some interaction from the teacher. Montessori teachers are trained to observe and critique each child based on the observations. There are no grades. My son’s teachers knows all his quirks inside and out. They know his learning style and how far to challenge him. Each child learns differently and the teacher guides them based on their observations. Next year he goes to middle school. That teacher has already had many opportunities to interact with my son and has had meetings with his current teacher to make a plan for his next two years. Wow! That would never have happened in our public school district. Now just to figure out what to do about high school. That is next on the list to tackle. That needs to be figured out in about 16-18 months. There is a school I am eying  but it is significantly out of our price range. Hummm…


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