Changing Direction

“If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.”
-Chinese Proverb

I just read this and it just hit me! Again! Which I am very glad for the repeat. For change to happen in people’s lives it usually takes repeated exposure to why you are trying to make changes. I know the why. But the actually doing is the hard part. To be healthy for my family and myself so I don’t become fragile as I get older and possibly in pain. To be energetic so that I can pursue all my dreams. And to be financially free to make the best choices for myself and my family. This last one weighs heavily on my mind today. My son has nearly finished his second year in a Montessori school and will be continuing at the same school next year for middle school. But in the near future we have to pick a path for high school. I don’t believe that regular high school is an option for us. We took him out of public school because the bullying and unnecessary group discipline structure was too much stress for such a sensitive kid. The school would not make a few simple changes to make life bearable for him so we chose to change jobs, have less family time due to increased work schedule and make other sacrifices like almost no vacations just so we could send him to this school. It has made a world of difference and I could (and probably will) dedicate one if not many posts on just how great a Montessori education is.

So to the dilemma. High School. We need to have a good idea of a path for high school within the next year and a half. The best option for him is completely out of our price range. It is a Montessori High School that is absolutely fabulous! We would have to make at least 20K more than now and likely change jobs again since the school is 45 min from home and my current employment. So when I read this quote it got me to take another step closer to change.

“If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.” Due to finances we are currently headed to public high school. sigh…

I am currently exploring some options and the leading contender is something that involves one of my new passions. I have been experimenting with essential oils since February and wow they sure have changed my life. I have been able to find some great substitutes for over the counter meds and haven’t taken Tylenol for headaches in at least a month. Usually it’s a couple times a week. And I didn’t have to go to the doctor for antibiotics with a sinus infection last month. I have been using Young Living essential oils which is a multi-level marketing company. So I am doing my do diligence and researching and reading what I can about this company and MLM selling in general. And so far I am impressed. Some have referred to these types of companies as pyramid schemes but I can see a distinct difference. I have been talking to real people out there who are not on the top who are making real money at this. The person who signed me up (and she is no where near the top) just so I can purchase the oils is a trusted person I have known for over 15 years. She makes $500-$2000 a month without even trying to build a team. She does have a profession that she uses the oils daily and sells them to her clients though. She has just recently started to build her team after 10 years of selling the products. I know that she will make much more in residual income in a couple years than she probably makes in her professional practice. So I would like to hear from others out there who have experience with MLMs, essential oils, Young Living and who would like to share the info.

So onward I go. Searching, learning and pondering. I take a little action everyday so I can make the right decisions for my family. To be financially free is a huge part of my wellness plan. I think most people don’t think of finances when they think of wellness. But please consider it.


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